Hatip Mah. Ali Osman Çelebi Bulvarı Günaylar Ticaret Merkezi No:108/CC Çorlu / Tekirdağ, 59860 TURKIYE

Plast Eurasia 2014, Tüyap, Istanbul

Date: 4 - December 7, 2014
Location: Tüyap, Istanbul
Salon and Stand No: 4 - 403A

Sonikel Ultrasonic will be held between 4 - 7 December 2014, the ultrasonic plastic welding machines in the Plast Eurasian 2014 Fair will exhibit ultrasonic horns, ultrasonic frequency measuring instruments, high frequency welding machines and technical textiles cutting and welding machines. It will also share ultrasonic applications with their automation systems with its visitors. It will also exhibit ultrasonic solutions performed with SAN, PBT and similar thermoplastic materials. In ultrasonic, the energy director of energy will share their experience with its customers. In addition, there may be information about the products of Poland based ZEMAT company that produces high frequency PVC welding machines from 1957. Technical textile cutting and welding systems will be introduced as Technical Textile Cutting and Welding Systems as Italy SMRE. In the case of metal ultrasonic resources, the products will be informed about the products of Techsonic from the United States.