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SNKW-P2 Ultrasonic Welding Machine

SNKW-P2 General Features:

The SNKW-P2 ultrasonic welding machine is a system designed for small and medium-sized industrial applications consisting of ultrasonic power supply and pneumatic structure. It may be preferred at the source of larger-scale products compared to the SNKW-P1. The distance between horn and the table is longer and the adjustment distance is more. Thanks to its easy use and automation systems, it provides very quick solutions in industrial applications.



Frequency: 15khz - 20 khz
Output forces: 1000W / 3200W
Feed voltage: 230V / 50-60 Hz
Setting options: Resource / cooling / delay times / pressure
Control output: overcurrent and voltage
PLC Control: On-closing / overcurrent and voltage information
Power supply dimensions: 450 x 450 x 160 mm
Pres Measures: 740 x 450 x 1030 mm

SNKW-P2 Katalog